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We - have the highest rating in Uzbekistan,specialize in results-oriented creative solutions

digital agency.

We are engaged to
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support your brand.

We will

promote your company with the help of marketing services. We are one of the leading marketing agencies in Uzbekistan due to our unique approach to solving problems and quality services. Therefore, we develop marketing strategies using our experience with national and foreign brands. We have more than 300 completed projects, the results of sustainable work cover all areas of activity (construction and insurance companies, shopping and entertainment centers, airlines, Internet providers, as well as medical centers, etc.). We have set a standard of excellence in delivery.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience on your next digital project.


Form style

This is the face of the brand. The role of corporate identity in our time is great, because almost every successful brand has its own corporate identity.

Marketing Researchs

Research that will close all requests and problems, because determining market trends, understanding the desires and behavior of buyers and competitors is exactly what any business needs before starting.

SMM - Promotion

In the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine a business without social networks. Attracting an audience to the site through social networks, blogs, forums, communities - this is all about SMM promotion.

Site development

A website is a powerful tool for sharing information. It makes the process of informing and selling through the Internet easier, because the site can do a lot of functions at the same time.

SEO Optimization

In other words, it is Search Engine Optimization. If you have a ready-made website and want to improve its performance and promote it to the first lines in search engines, then this service is for you. The better SEO is configured - optimization, the easier it is to find a site in a search engine.

Contextual advertising

Performs the same function as targeted advertising, only in this case, the user can meet ads on websites and search engines.


Missed a client by mistake or failed to lure him? Then you need this service, which will perform the function of showing effective online advertising to long-lost customers.


This is the creation of a positive image of the company, its distribution and fixing in the head of the client. In simple words, this is the image, style, name, reputation and everything related to the company.


This is the creation of a positive image of the company, its distribution and fixing in the head of the client. In simple words, this is the image, style, name, reputation and everything related to the company.

Motion - animations

Have you paid attention to videos created from photos? Most of them are Motion animation. This is a technology for reviving photographs, unique shots, etc.

Outdoor advertising

One of the not ineffective ways of advertising, but not on the Internet, but live. Development and placement of advertising on a banner, vehicles, shopping malls, etc.

Implementation of CRM systems

Through this implementation, you can improve the performance of your business. With a CRM system, you can automate processes such as order taking, invoicing, shipping, marketing optimization, and of course customer service improvement, all without human involvement.

Sticker development

A sticker is a small visual piece of information that is easier and faster to perceive. Stickers have more interaction and emotions. Funny pictures are in demand and are increasingly replacing words in messages. It's almost like emoticons, only much cooler.

Video production

The process of creating and developing advertising, image, presentation and other videos. All major companies have their own types of videos, so why not become one of them?

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Our Team

It consists of ambitious and purposeful professionals in their field, ready to conquer not only Uzbekistan, but the whole world.


Our president. Possessing excellent business negotiation skills. Do not get through to him. However, if you still succeed, he will listen to any of your ideas and suggestions.


Our guide beam and professional marketer. She perfectly knows how to transform from a cheerful girl into a strict leader. There is no time for her, because she tirelessly analyzes the consumer market for days, implements marketing strategies and conducts advertising campaigns. With all her employment, she is ready to come to the rescue at any moment.


The most mysterious employee in the team, with a unique ability to cheer up. This worker is always ready to work and is never late. He knows the techniques of the production kitchen and does not sleep at the workplace. To the question: “Ready for work?” he confidently replies, “Probably!”


In general, this is the most promising and original employee who has a lot of cool ideas. He, of course, is not Elon Musk, but his projects also fly


Our gentle creation. The favorite of all customers, because she knows how to listen and hear. He has an immense imagination, and at the same time writes very serious texts. A combination of softness, talent and responsibility with a cute appearance, in the soul of which is the same merciless SMM specialist.


The work of each employee in the office depends on her and how many cups of coffee she drank in the morning. A sales person who truly loves his job and turns it into art, who can even sell you and your neighbor an elephant. Ready at any moment to escape from the office to nature: a laptop, the Internet and a backpack with sandwiches - what else is needed for happiness?!


Our thoughtful strategist. Fan of football and exact sciences. Most of the time he stays in silence, as the layout of the website requires concentration. The essence of his work is to create a successful site, using the magic of grids, floats, some kind of BEM and writing HTML, CSS. Webmaster for the development of a quality site - about Him.


The same employee who is always busy with something. He claims to be energized by his work and has a great desire to create. Motivates the whole team. It seems harmless, but it is, of course, a hoax.


The youngest employee, but in no way inferior in talent and creativity to the rest. Grabs everything new in reactive mode. Inspired by foreign trends and offers cool ideas.


Our golden employee. During work, he fills the heads of colleagues only with himself. An inventor who will always find a hundred reasons to do anything but what is required.

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